Hi stranger, this is Dreyma

Dreyma is a mix of intense friendship, wine, pizza, joyness and hours of rehearsal. Cris (guitar, voice) and Mel (synths, electric drum and voice) share the passion for experimentation playing with sounds, images, emotions and rhythm. The results is dream core, electronic, pop, dark sometimes and ethereal.

They released their first EP in 2017 (edited by Ondas del Espacio and Discos Imaginarios) and have been touring across Spain giving more than 20 gigs.

Now, they are touring to present their new conceptual project: Moonlight (Autumn 2018) which marries music, videos, illustration and the beauty and darkness of women emotional states.

Awarded by Radio 3 (Spain national radio) as Emerging Artist 2017, 1st best EP 2018 and 3rd best EP 2017 by Mondo Sonoro.

All pics © Lucas Alcántara

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