Hi stranger, this is Dreyma

Cris and Mel function as a kind of symbiotic binomial that has not stopped ploting, feeling and creating together since 2017, the year in which they began to mold their sound, which they themselves managed to define as dream-core, under the influence of artists like Warpaint or Massive Attack: drum machines, organic electronics, crystalline guitars layered with loops and the deepest of reverbs. Dreyma seeks to heal from the deepest part of oneself.

That year was accompanied with the release of their first self-titled EP, many concerts and even the Disco Grande award (Radio 3) as a revelation band. In 2018 they would soon embark on an even more ambitious project, ‘Moonlight’, a conceptual and audiovisual project about the most extreme and naked experience of human emotions.

Since that last release they continued to offer live shows (those controlled and cathartic explosions of the entrails and nerve), they moved to Barcelona and began to model ‘Salvaje’, the group's first LP released on April the 16th.

Bio pics © Lucas Alcántara

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