This is our new album and it is audiovisual (Release 22th of September)
It marries music, videos, illustration and the beauty and darkness of women emotional states.

Observing ourselves and our entourage, we defined 4 emotional states every woman would pass through and create 1 song, 1 video and 1 symbol for each of them, from the lowest to the highest.



Dangerous euphoria, you feel electric, happy and you want everything.


A hymn to pleasure, to feel good, to flow, softly.

Come Home

You are falling, feeling lost, waiting and yearning for hope. Everything gets dark.

Evig Natt

You feel depressed,crying until you run out of tears and nothing makes sense anymore.



Vinyl 12" + Totebag available now

Produced & directed by Hydromel Collective
A collective of dreams.

Art Direction: Hydromel Collective
Camera & D.O.P: Lucas Alcántara
Edited: Tina S.
Make up & stylist: Sol Núñez Norte

Tina Sánchez
Marta Moreno
Ana Carrera
Claire Mélody Cascail

Lyrics & music by Dreyma.
Produced & mixed by Midnite Mastermind.
Edited by Magnolia Damasco.


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